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© Copyright for the digital facsimile of the Škofja Loka Passion Play codex: Slovenian Capuchin province, Capuchin monastery Škofja Loka
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The work on this electronic edition was supported by the Slovenian Research Agency and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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  • Diplomatic transcription: Primož Simoniti, Matija Ogrin
  • Critical transcription: Jože Faganel, Matija Ogrin, Jožica Škofic, Matej Šekli
  • Translation of Latin and German parts of the text: Primož Simoniti
  • Diplomatic transcription and translation of the pages accompanying the codex of the Škofja Loka Passion Play: Monika Deželak Trojar
  • Notes, studies, supplementary material: Matija Ogrin, Monika Deželak Trojar
  • Editing, comments: Matija Ogrin
  • Digital encoding and commentary: Tomaž Erjavec
  • Video editing and synchronization: Damjan Bojadžiev
  • Publisher: Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies ZRC SAZU
  • Edition 1.0, 2009-05-04
  • URL: https://nl.ijs.si/e-zrc/sp/
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Father Romuald from Štandrež near Gorica (1676–1748) was a Slovenian Capuchin monk who was active in Škofja Loka in the years between 1715 and 1727 as a preacher and leader of the procession – penitent piety on the day of Good Friday. Here, father Romuald wrote, in 863 rhymed verses, one of the most beautiful dramatic poems in Slovenian literature.

For the penitent procession in Škofja Loka, he wrote the text that in the twentieth century became known as the Škofja Loka Passion Play. The manuscript codex in which the text is preserved was written in the time between 1725 and 1727. The text of the Škofja Loka Passion Play itself was writen by father Romuald around or soon after the year 1715. When he started to write and adapt, the tradition of Slovenian religious drama was already more than a 100 years old. This tradition has subsequently been lost. Our critical edition sets up the Škofja Loka Passion Play as a manuscriptive and textual artefact in which it strives to discern as many traces of the lost tradition of Capuchin religious drama as possible. This could be done primarily on the basis of nine preserved documents that accompanied the codex, published for the first time in this edition.

The edition is avaiable as a set of HTML pages, written in UTF-8 encoding. If your browser does not display all the characters, you are probably lacking a Unicode-compliant font that supports historic characters, e.g. Doulos SIL or Cardo.

A special enrichment of this edition is the inclusion of video recordings of the performance of the Škofja Loka Passion Play from the year 1999 and their synchronised presentation with the text.

You can browse the edition on the Web or you can download it to your computer: first save the file and decompress (unzip) it, then open index-en.html to view the edition off-line. Along with the HTML files and (if you choose to save the complete edition) the images, you will also get the source XML/TEI files, suitable for further processing; you find them in the folder tei.

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