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Anton Martin Slomšek

  • Editor, diplomatic and critical transcriptions: Jože Faganel
  • Editor, notes, TEI markup: Matija Ogrin
  • Digital encoding, TEI markup: Tomaž Erjavec
  • Publisher: Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies ZRC SAZU
  • Edition 1.6, 2007-04-06
  • Place of publication: https://nl.ijs.si/e-zrc/slomsek/
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Anton Martin Slomšek (1800–1862), Slovenian bishop, author, promoter of Slovenian culture, especially distinguished for reviving Slovenian national identity in eastern Slovenia and Carinthia. Pope John Paul II. beatified him in 1999.

The Three Sermons on Language by A. M. Slomšek were written between 1825 and 1841. Two of the texts are preserved in the author's manuscript. The manuscript of the third, best known text, has been lost, but was published twice soon after it had been written and was subsequently often cited and published in part. The three texts are linked by their common theme. The texts are the speaker's notes for sermons, formulated entirely as complete text, thus belonging to the literary genre of religious oration, more precisely sermon or rhetorical prose.

The electronic edition comprizes a foreword, facsimiles, diplomatic and critical transcriptions, and editorial notes. Each transcription is linked to the facsimiles, and the two transcriptions are aligned at the level of lines. This enables the parallel display of facsimile and each transcription, and the parallel display of facsimile and both transcriptions. Slomšek's references to biblical sources in the margins of the sermons are linked to the Web portal Biblija.net, where his translation of biblical fragments can be compared with the translations of the Bible into Slovene.

You can browse the edition on the Web or you can download it to your computer: first save the file and decompress (unzip) it, then open index-en.html to view the edition off-line. Along with the HTML files and (if you choose to save the complete edition) the facsimiles, you will also get the source XML/TEI files, suitable for further processing; you find them in the folder tei .