MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 5 (draft)

2.1. Languages

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This section details the languages currently covered by the specifications. The first column defines the cannonical ordering of the languages. In the current specification they are grouped together by language family. The codes follow ISO 639 two-letter codes for languages. For each language we note which language family it belongs to and the link the the respective entry in the Ethnologue database.

Languages covered by the specification
3plPolishWest SlavicEthnologue
4csCzechWest SlavicEthnologue
5skSlovakWest SlavicEthnologue
6slSloveneSouth West SlavicEthnologue
7sl-rozajResiandialect of SloveneIANA
8hrCroatianSouth West SlavicEthnologue
9srSerbianSouth West SlavicEthnologue
10bsBosnianSouth West SlavicEthnologue
11ruRussianEast SlavicEthnologue
12ukUkrainianEast SlavicEthnologue
13mkMacedonianSouth East SlavicEthnologue
14bgBulgarianSouth East SlavicEthnologue
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Date: 2016-06-20
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