Conference Programme

27-28 September 2016

Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
Aškerčeva 2
Lecture room 31

September 27 2016



Invited talk (chair: Michael Beißwenger)

Dr. Dawn Knight, CU: Constructing E-Language Corpora: a focus on CorCenCC (The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh) [bio] [abstract]

Session 1: Building of CMC corpora  (chair: Harald Lüngen)

Holger Grumt Suárez, Natali Karlova-Bourbonus, Henning Lobin: Compilation and Annotation of the Discourse-structured Blog Corpus for German

Luis Rei, Dunja Mladenić, Simon Krek: A Multilingual Social Media Linguistic Corpus

Antoni Sobkowicz: Political Discourse in Polish Internet: Corpus of Highly Emotive Internet Discussions

Coffee break

Session 2: Annotation of CMC corpora (chair: Tomaž Erjavec)

Michael Beißwenger, Eric Ehrhardt, Axel Herold, Harald Lüngen, Angelika Storrer: (Best) Practices for Annotating and Representing CMC and Social Media Corpora in CLARIN-D

Špela Arhar Holdt, Darja Fišer, Tomaž Erjavec, Simon Krek: Syntactic Annotation of Slovene CMC: First Steps

Lydia-Mai Ho-Dac, Véronika Laippala, Céline Poudat, Ludovic Tanguy: French Wikipedia Talk Pages: Profiling and Conflict Detection

Lunch break

Session 3: CMC analytics (chair: Egon Stemle)

Nikola Ljubešić, Darja Fišer: Slovene Twitter Analytics

Julien Longhi, Dalia Saigh: A Textometrical Analysis of French Arts Workers “fr.Intermittents” on Twitter

Steven Coats: Grammatical Frequencies and Gender in Nordic Twitter Englishes

Poster session (chair: Špela Arhar Holdt)

Bettina Larl, Eva Zangerle: Geolocating German on Twitter – Hitches and Glitches of Building and Exploring a Twitter Corpus

Mija Michelizza, Urška Vranjek Ošlak: Graphic Euphemisms in Slovenian CMC

Julien Longhi: The #intermittent corpus: Corpus Features, Ethics and Workflow for a CMC Corpus of Tweets in TEI

Queila Barbosa Lopes: The Construction of a Teletandem Multimodal Data Bank

Conference dinner (As Aperitivo, Čopova ulica 5a)

September 28 2016

Invited talk (chair: Darja Fišer)

Dr. Petra Kralj Novak, IJS: The Sentiment of Emojis [bio] [abstract

Session 4: Sentiment, expressiveness, and emotion in CMC (chair: Ciara R. Wigham)

Ana Zwitter Vitez, Darja Fišer: Linguistic Analysis of Emotions in Online News Comments – An Example of the Eurovision Song Contest

Lisa Hilte, Reinhild Vandekerckhove, Walter Daelemans: Expressiveness in Flemish Online Teenage Talk: A Corpus-Based Analysis of Social and Medium-Related Linguistic Variation

Darja Fišer, Tomaž Erjavec: Analysis of Sentiment Labeling of Slovene User-generated Content

Coffee break

Session 5: Language variation (chair: Nikola Ljubešić)

Lieke Verheijen: Linguistic Characteristics of Dutch Computer-Mediated Communication: CMC and School Writing Compared

Jaka Čibej: Framework for an Analysis of Slovene Regional Language Variants on Twitter

Iza Škrjanec, Senja Pollak: Topic Ontologies of the Slovene Blogosphere: A Gender Perspective

Lunch break

Session 6: Linguistic explorations of CMC (chair: Thiery Chanier)

Dafne Marko: The Use of Alphanumeric Symbols in Slovene Tweets

Ciara R. Wigham, H. Müge Satar: A Multimodal Analysis of Task Instructions for Webconferencing-supported L2 Interactions: A Pilot Study of the ISMAEL Corpus

Student talk: Gašper Pesek, Iza Škrjanec, Dafne Marko: Alternative Endings of Slovene Verbs in Third Person Plural: A Corpus Approach


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