Multext-East Tools

This page gives information on the tools used in the MULTEXT-East project.


  1. MULTEXT tools
  2. Multext-East Utilities
  3. Free Third Party Tools
The tools can be found in the tool/ directory.


The tools of the MULTEXT project have been used in the MULTEXT-East project. The MULTEXT tools and documentation is privided via the WWW, on the address

Below follows a list of the MT tools used in the project:

On this CD/WWW you can find the MULTEXT-East language resources for the MtSeg and MtLex tools.

Multext-East Utilities

These are small programs, that have been developed for various 'utility' tasks in the scope of MULTEXT-East. They are either C programs or Unix scripts, either shell, Perl, AWK, or SED.
And last, but really first:

Free third-party Software

Thanks to the people that made the software listed here available and to the organisations that supported them.


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