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This page contains the documentation of, or related to, the Multext-East project:
  1. Project Reports;
  2. Published papers connected to the project;
  3. Reports from related projects;
  4. Index of the documentation directory.

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Multext-East Reports

Report MTE D1.1 F (Postscript)
Tomaz Erjavec, Monica Monachini (eds.):
Specifications and Notation for Lexicon Encoding.
MULTEXT-East Final Report, D1.1, December 1997.
Report MTE D1.2 I
Nancy Ide (ed.):
Language-Specific Resources.
MULTEXT-East Intermediate Report, D1.2, May 1996.
Report MTE D2.1 F (Postscript)
Tomaz Erjavec (ed.):
Sample Corpus Collection and Preparation.
MULTEXT-East Final Report, D2.1 F, December 1997.
Report MTE D2.3 F (Postscript)
Greg-Priest Dorman, Tomaz Erjavec, Nancy Ide, Vladimir Petkevic:
Corpus Markup.
MULTEXT-East Final Report, D2.3 F, December 1997.
Technical Annex MTE TA
Copernicus MULTEXT-East Project, Cop 106, January 1995.

Published Papers connected to MULTEXT-East

(as of December 1997)

Accompanying Documents from Related Projects


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