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Learning Slovene Declensions with FOIDL

Saso Dzeroski, Tomaz Erjavec,
Department for Intelligent Systems, Jozef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39, 1111 Ljubljana, Slovenia


The paper presents results of using FOIDL to learn certain inflectional forms of Slovene nouns. FOIDL learns first-order decision lists, defined as ordered list of clauses; it has been previously tested on the problem of inducing rules for forming the past tense of English verbs. Slovene, unlike English, has rich inflectional morphology, and the paper reports the result of applying FOIDL over a large lexicon of Slovene word-forms to induce rules for the generation of the singular genitive forms of Slovene nouns of the masculine, feminine and neuter gender.

Tomaz Erjavec