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LRE Project 62-050 MULTEXT
Workpackage 1
Milestone B Deliverable D1.6.1B
Common Specifications and Notation for Lexicon Encoding
and Preliminary Proposal for the Tagsets

Work in Progress

Task Leader:
PISA-ILC - Nicoletta Calzolari and Monica Monachini

Nuria Bel, Nicoletta Calzolari and Monica Monachini


CNRS - Jean Veronis, Liliane Khouri and Christine Meunier
FBG - Nuria Bel and Ana Aguilar
ISSCO - Susan Armstrong and Graham Russell
MS - Petra Steiner and Lothar Lemnitzer
SNI-S - Juan Alonso
UT - Dirk Heylen and Louis des Tombe

March 1995