MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

3.15.14. Estonian Value Index

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The values presented within the tables are, in the following, listed in alphabetical order; the first column gives the name of the value, the second column its code and the third lists attributes for which the value is appropriate. Table of values
Value (en) Code (en) Attribute (en) Category (en)
abessive 5 Case Abbreviation
abessive 5 Case Adjective
abessive 5 Case Noun
abessive 5 Case Numeral
abessive 5 Case Pronoun
abessive 5 Case Verb
ablative b Case Abbreviation
ablative b Case Adjective
ablative b Case Noun
ablative b Case Numeral
ablative b Case Pronoun
active a Voice Verb
adessive 3 Case Abbreviation
adessive 3 Case Adjective
adessive 3 Case Noun
adessive 3 Case Numeral
adessive 3 Case Pronoun
aditive 7 Case Abbreviation
aditive 7 Case Adjective
aditive 7 Case Noun
aditive 7 Case Numeral
aditive 7 Case Pronoun
adjectival a Syntactic_Type Abbreviation
adverbial r Syntactic_Type Abbreviation
allative t Case Abbreviation
allative t Case Adjective
allative t Case Noun
allative t Case Numeral
allative t Case Pronoun
auxiliary a Type Verb
cardinal c Type Numeral
common c Type Noun
comparative c Degree Adjective
conditional c VForm Verb
coordinating c Type Conjunction
demonstrative d Type Pronoun
determinal m Type Pronoun
digit d Form Numeral
elative e Case Abbreviation
elative e Case Adjective
elative e Case Noun
elative e Case Numeral
elative e Case Pronoun
elative e Case Verb
essive w Case Abbreviation
essive w Case Adjective
essive w Case Noun
essive w Case Numeral
essive w Case Pronoun
first 1 Person Pronoun
first 1 Person Verb
genitive g Case Abbreviation
genitive g Case Adjective
genitive g Case Noun
genitive g Case Numeral
genitive g Case Pronoun
gerund g VForm Verb
illative x Case Abbreviation
illative x Case Adjective
illative x Case Noun
illative x Case Numeral
illative x Case Pronoun
illative x Case Verb
imperative m VForm Verb
imperfect i Tense Verb
indefinite i Type Pronoun
indicative i VForm Verb
inessive 2 Case Abbreviation
inessive 2 Case Adjective
inessive 2 Case Noun
inessive 2 Case Numeral
inessive 2 Case Pronoun
inessive 2 Case Verb
infinitive n VForm Verb
interrogative q Type Pronoun
komitative k Case Abbreviation
komitative k Case Adjective
komitative k Case Noun
komitative k Case Numeral
komitative k Case Pronoun
letter l Form Numeral
main m Type Verb
modal o Type Verb
no n Negative Verb
nominal n Syntactic_Type Abbreviation
nominative n Case Abbreviation
nominative n Case Adjective
nominative n Case Noun
nominative n Case Numeral
nominative n Case Pronoun
ordinal o Type Numeral
participle p VForm Verb
partitive 1 Case Abbreviation
partitive 1 Case Adjective
partitive 1 Case Noun
partitive 1 Case Numeral
partitive 1 Case Pronoun
passive p Voice Verb
past s Tense Verb
personal p Type Pronoun
plural p Number Abbreviation
plural p Number Adjective
plural p Number Noun
plural p Number Numeral
plural p Number Pronoun
plural p Number Verb
positive p Degree Adjective
possessive s Type Pronoun
postposition t Type Adposition
preposition p Type Adposition
present p Tense Verb
proper p Type Noun
quotative q VForm Verb
reciprocal y Type Pronoun
reflexive x Type Pronoun
relative r Type Pronoun
roman r Form Numeral
second 2 Person Pronoun
second 2 Person Verb
singular s Number Abbreviation
singular s Number Adjective
singular s Number Noun
singular s Number Numeral
singular s Number Pronoun
singular s Number Verb
subordinating s Type Conjunction
superlative s Degree Adjective
supine u VForm Verb
terminative 9 Case Abbreviation
terminative 9 Case Adjective
terminative 9 Case Noun
terminative 9 Case Numeral
terminative 9 Case Pronoun
third 3 Person Pronoun
third 3 Person Verb
translative 4 Case Abbreviation
translative 4 Case Adjective
translative 4 Case Noun
translative 4 Case Numeral
translative 4 Case Pronoun
translative 4 Case Verb
verbal v Syntactic_Type Abbreviation
yes y Negative Verb

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