MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

3.2.14. Romanian Abbreviation

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Table 73. Romanian Specification for Abbreviation
P Attribute (en) Value (en) Code (en)
0 CATEGORY Abbreviation Y
1 Syntactic_Type nominal n
verbal v
adjectival a
adverbial r
pronominal p
2 Gender masculine m
feminine f
neuter n
3 Number singular s
plural p
4 Case direct r
oblique o
vocative v
5 Definiteness yes y
no n Notes MSD Index

This index gives the list of morphosyntactic descriptions (MSDs) and their features. In the table below, the first column gives the MSD, the second its expansion into a feature-structure, the third gives the number of entries in the lexicon (428,093 entries), and the fourth gives some examples as word-form/lemma. The list was extracted form the Romanian MULTEXT-East lexicon.

Table 74. MSDs (20)
MSD Features Lexical entries Examples of usage
Y Abbreviation 120 v.v./vice_versa, u.s./ut_supra, URSS, urm./următoarele, UMF, UCECOM
Yn Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal 688 Z./zero, zool./zoologie, Zn/zinc, Z./impedanţă, Xe/xenon, W/wolfram
Ynmsry Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=singular Case=direct Definiteness=yes 6 dnul/domnul, dl./domnul, dl/domnul, d./domnul, b-dul/bulevardul
Ynmsoy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=singular Case=oblique Definiteness=yes 2 dlui/domnului, d-lui/domnului
Ynmsvy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=singular Case=vocative Definiteness=yes 1 d-le/domnule
Ynmpry Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=plural Case=direct Definiteness=yes 3 d-ra/domnişoara, dnii/domnii, d-nii/domnii
Ynmpoy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=plural Case=oblique Definiteness=yes 1 dlor/domnilor
Ynmpvy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=masculine Number=plural Case=vocative Definiteness=yes 1 d-lor/domnilor
Ynfsry Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=feminine Number=singular Case=direct Definiteness=yes 3 dra/domnişoara, dna/doamna, d-na/doamna
Ynfsoy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=feminine Number=singular Case=oblique Definiteness=yes 3 drei/domnişoarei, dnei/doamnei, d-nei/doamnei
Ynfpvy Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=nominal Gender=feminine Number=plural Case=vocative Definiteness=yes 1 d-lor/doamnelor
Yv Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=verbal 6 v./vide, vid./vide, ob./obiit, div./divide, cit./citeşte, ad./adaugă
Ya Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=adjectival 26 v./vechi, tranz./tranzitiv, refl./reflexiv, recipr./reciproc
Yr Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=adverbial 18 vs./versus, ş.a.m.d./şi_aşa_mai_departe, ptr./pentru, pt./pentru
Yp Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal 2 dvs./dumneavoastră, dv./dumneavoastră
Yp-sr Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal Number=singular Case=direct 2 d-ta/dumneata, d-sa/dumneasa
Yp-so Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal Number=singular Case=oblique 2 d-tale/dumitale, d-sale/dumisale
Yp-p Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal Number=plural 2 d-voastră/dumneavoastră, d-lor/dumnealor
Ypms Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal Gender=masculine Number=singular 1 d-lui/dumnealui
Ypfs Abbreviation Syntactic_Type=pronominal Gender=feminine Number=singular 1 d-ei/dumneaei

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