MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

3.7.8. Resian Adposition

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Table 231. Resian Specification for Adposition
P Attribute (en) Value (en) Code (en)
0 CATEGORY Adposition S
1 Type preposition p
2 Formation simple s
compound c
3 Case nominative n
genitive g
dative d
accusative a
locative l
instrumental i Notes Combinations
PoS Type Form Case Examples
S p c - ta-za
S p c g ta-stran, ta-mi (sridi od)
S p c d ta-par
S p c a ta-na, ta-prid, ta-w, ta-za, ...
S p c l ta-na, ta-w, ta-po
S p c i ta-pod, ta-prid, ta-za, ...
S p s - za
S p s n fra
S p s g čenče, wod, ...
S p s d küntra, ...
S p s a na, prid, w, za, ...
S p s l na, w, po, ...
S p s i pod, prid, za, ... MSD Index

This index gives the list of corpus attested morphosyntactic descriptions and their features. The first column gives the MSD, the second its expansion into a feature-structure, the third the number of word tokens and the fourth the number of word types tagged with this MSD, with the fifth giving some examples as word-form/lemma, where the latter is omitted when the two are identical.

Table 233. MSDs (13)
MSD Feature structure Tokens Types Examples
Spc Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound 4 2 ta pod/tapod, tou/tuw, tàpot/tapod
Spca Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound Case=accusative 46 5 tau/tuw, tana/tana
Spcd Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound Case=dative 18 4 ta h/tah, ta/tah, taper/tapar
Spcg Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound Case=genitive 5 4 ses med/zizmid, taprit/taprid, sauvojo/zawojo
Spcl Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound Case=locative 97 6 tau/tuw, tuv/tuw, Tuw/tuw
Spci Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound Case=instrumental 14 5 ta mej/tami, ta-mi/tamid, tapod/tapod
Sps Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple 50 8 za/za, dardu/dardu, Za/za
Spsa Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=accusative 95 13 na/na, v/w, w/w
Spsd Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=dative 19 5 per/par, h/h
Spsg Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=genitive 145 8 od/od
Spsi Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=instrumental 47 6 s/z, prid/prid, zis/ziz
Spsl Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=locative 32 6 par/par, po/po, na/na
Spsn Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=nominative 2 2 na/na, ot/od

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