MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

3.4.7. Czech Adposition

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Table 124. Czech Specification for Adposition
P Attribute (en) Value (en) Code (en)
0 CATEGORY Adposition S
1 Type preposition p
2 Formation simple s
compound c
3 Case genitive g
dative d
accusative a
locative l
instrumental i Notes

1. Czech has only Prepositions, no postpositions.

2. For the disambiguation of word forms belonging to declension parts of speech it seems necessary to include the information about the case which each Preposition requires.

3. A preposition can be contracted with a pronoun; such a preposition has Formation=c(ompound). Combinations
PoS Type Form Case Examples
S p s g bez, kromě
S p s d k, proti
S p s a pro, mimo
S p s l o, v, při
S p s i s, pod
S p c - naň, zač MSD Index

This index gives the list of morphosyntactic descriptions (MSDs) and their features. In the table below, the first column gives the MSD, the second its expansion into a feature-structure, the third gives the number of entries in the lexicon (184,470 entries), and the fourth gives some examples as word-form/lemma. The list was extracted form the Czech MULTEXT-East lexicon.

Table 126. MSDs (7)
MSD Features Lexical entries Examples of usage
Sps Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple 9 versus, in, di, dell, de, d, cum, ante, ad
Spsg Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=genitive 35 z, zpoza, zpod, ze/z, za, vně, vedle, včetně, uvnitř
Spsd Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=dative 11 vůči, vstříc, proti, oproti, navzdory, naproti, napospas, kvůli
Spsa Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=accusative 21 za, v, vo/o, ve/v, s, skrz, skrze/skrz, se/s, pro
Spsl Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=locative 8 v, vo/o, ve/v, u, při, po, o, na
Spsi Adposition Type=preposition Formation=simple Case=instrumental 10 za, s, se/s, před, přede/před, pod, napříč, nad, nade/nad
Spc Adposition Type=preposition Formation=compound 6 zaň, zač, vzhledem, oč, naň, nač

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