MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

3.1.2. English Noun

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Table 20. English Specification for Noun
P Attribute (en) Value (en) Code (en)
1 Type common c
proper p
2 Gender masculine m
feminine f
neuter n
3 Number singular s
plural p MSD Index

This index gives the complete list of morphosyntactic descriptions (MSDs) and their features. In the table below, the first column gives the MSD, the second its expansion into a feature-structure, the third gives the number of entries in the lexicon (71,784 entries), and the fourth gives some examples as word-form/lemma. The list was extracted form the English MULTEXT-East lexicon.

Table 21. MSDs (19)
MSD (en) Features (en) Lexical entries Examples of usage
Nc Noun Type=common 4 Portuguese, o, Flemish, Dutch
Nc-s Noun Type=common Number=singular 115 winner, wholesaler, welder, ward, Vietnamese, victim, veteran
Nc-p Noun Type=common Number=plural 88 winners/winner, wholesalers/wholesaler, welders/welder, wards/ward
Ncm Noun Type=common Gender=masculine 5 Taiwanese, Sudanese, next-of-kin, eldest, deceased
Ncms Noun Type=common Gender=masculine Number=singular 118 widower, welterweight, volunteer, viscount, vice-chairman, treble
Ncmp Noun Type=common Gender=masculine Number=plural 85 widowers/widower, welterweights/welterweight, viscounts/viscount
Ncf Noun Type=common Gender=feminine 5 Taiwanese, Sudanese, next-of-kin, eldest, deceased
Ncfs Noun Type=common Gender=feminine Number=singular 119 wren, woman, wife, widow, whore, waitress, volunteer, usherette
Ncfp Noun Type=common Gender=feminine Number=plural 82 wrens/wren, women/woman, wives/wife, widows/widow, whores/whore
Ncn Noun Type=common Gender=neuter 82 zebra, youth, yen, works, winnings, whiting, whitebait, waxworks
Ncns Noun Type=common Gender=neuter Number=singular 11786 zoo, zoom, zoology, zoologist, zone, zombie, zodiac, zither, zip
Ncnp Noun Type=common Gender=neuter Number=plural 9696 zoos/zoo, zooms/zoom, zoologists/zoologist, zones/zone, zombies/zombie
Np Noun Type=proper 1087 Zurich, Zulu, Zug, Zion, Zimbabwe, Zermatt, Zambia, Zambezi, Zaire
Np-s Noun Type=proper Number=singular 1 nazi
Np-p Noun Type=proper Number=plural 1 nazis
Npms Noun Type=proper Gender=masculine Number=singular 4 tom, oliver, norman, martin
Npfs Noun Type=proper Gender=feminine Number=singular 1 julia
Npns Noun Type=proper Gender=neuter Number=singular 85 Yule, Xmas, winston, wilsher, Whitsun, Wednesday, Wales, Vietnam
Npnp Noun Type=proper Gender=neuter Number=plural 2 Olympics, negroids/negroid

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