User agreement for
                  Slovene Dependency Treebank 
                   CoNLL-X shared task format

I will use the Slovene Dependency Treebank (SDT Version 0.1) in
CoNLL-X shared task format for research purposes only. I will not
distribute the data or part of the data either in original or modified

I will cite the following reference in any publication reporting about
results obtained on these data:

Džeroski, S., Erjavec, T., Ledinek, N., Pajas, P.,
Žabokrtsky, Z., Žele, A. "Towards a Slovene Dependency
Treebank". In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on
Language Resources and Evaluation, LREC'06", Genoa, 24-26 May
2006. (Submitted)

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