"East meets West" User Agreement

between the TELRI Association

and User: ______________________________________________________________________

User's research Group (if applicable): _____________________________________________

The TELRI (Trans-European Languages Resource Infrastructure) Association agrees, on receipt of this signed agreement, to make the CD-ROM "East meets West: A Compendium of Multilingual Resources" available to the user listed above (hereafter referred to as "User").

The TELRI Association is distributing these resources on behalf of the TELRI Concerted Action and the MULTEXT-East Joint Project, which produced and collected the resources with funding from the European Union.

Under this agreement, User will receive a machine-readable copy of the material on CD-ROM. User agrees to use the material received under this agreement for research purposes only. User further agrees not to re-distribute the material to others outside of User's research group, and agrees to inform all members of User's research group who have access to the material of the terms of this agreement, and to ensure their compliance with them.

Copies of this material may be made for back-up purposes, or for the purposes of making the data available to members of the User's research group, but User shall ensure that a copy of this agreement is included in all such copies.

User acknowledges that some of the material is subject to copyright (and other) restrictions, and that violations of such restrictions may result in legal liability. User agrees to refrain from violating the restrictions, and to notify all associates who access the material of the restrictions. The explicit permission of the copyright owner must be sought for any further redistribution or transmission. TELRI Association gives no warranties and makes no representation that the material will be suitable for any particular purpose, accepts no responsibility for any limitations or errors in the material, and accepts no liability for any damages or losses which may arise from User's use of the material.

User must contact the TELRI partner responsible for providing the data if they seek to use material for purposes other than academic research, or in any cases of doubt. User may contact the TELRI Association if there is a question, but the TELRI Association accepts no liability for potential breaches.

Copyright in the formatting and organisation of the material above and beyond that originally supplied to the TELRI Association is held by the TELRI Association.

(Signed by User) ________________________________ Date ____________________________



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