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§file description
§title statement
§title Multext-East cesAna: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Serbian
§statement of responsibility
§name Cvetana Krstev
§responsibility Tagging supervision, conversion from INTEX format.
§statement of responsibility
§name Tomaž Erjavec
§responsibility TEI P4 conformance.
§edition statement
§edition MULTEXT-East, Version 4
§publication statement
§address http://nl.ijs.si/ME/V3/
§distributor Computer Science Department Faculty of Mathematics
§address Studentski trg 16
11000 Belgrade
§address cvetana@matf.bg.ac.yu

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when = 2010-05-09
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§fully-structured bibliographic citation
§title statement
§title Multext-East CES1: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Serbian
§statement of responsibility
name Cvetana Krstev
responsibility Error correction, CES1 conformance.
§statement of responsibility
name Dusko Vitas
responsibility Consulting.
§statement of responsibility
name Tomaž Erjavec
responsibility Encoding harmonisation with the MULTEXT-East '1984' corpus.
§edition statement

TELRI Final Release

§publication statement
when = 1998-03-02
January 1st, 1998
§source description
§fully-structured bibliographic citation
title statement
title Orwell's 1984: electronic edition
statement of responsibility
name Oxford Text Archive
responsibility The four versions of Orwell's 1984 in the OTA were all prepared by the OUCS KDEM service in 1985 for Dr David C Bennett of the School of Oriental And African Studies at London University. The texts here have not been encoded or proofread in any way since they were produced (other than the English text, which was converted to an SGML like encoding by John Price-Wilkin, and subsequently automatically converted to conform to the OTA's dtd by myself and Alan Morrison. The other languages were converted to TEI conformant SGML by the ECI project 1993. --LB, Nov 1992
edition statement

Public Domain TEI edition prepared at the Oxford Text Archive

publication statement
distributor Oxford Text Archive
address Oxford University Computing Service 13 Banbury Road Oxford OX2 6NN UK archive@ox.ac.uk

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date 19 Nov 1992
source description
structured bibliographic citation
monographic level
title 1984
author George Orwell
author Translator: Vlada Stojiljković
edition Second edition
date 1984
publisher Beogradski izdavačko-grafički zavod
publication place Beograd
§encoding description
§project description

MULTEXT-East: Multilingual Text Tools and Corpora for Central and Eastern European Languages. EU Copernicus Project COP106

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§revision description
§change 2004-05-10<date>Tomaž Erjavec<name>From BETA to FINAL
§change 2004-04-09<date>Tomaž Erjavec<name>Conversion to TEI P4 XML
§change 2004-04-08<date>Cvetana Krstev<name>Conversion from INTEX format
§change 2010-05-09<date>Tomaž Erjavec<name>Conversion to MULTEXT-East TEI P5.