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The XML Version of the TEI Guidelines


<sym> (Symbolic value) provides symbolic values for features.
Attributes (In addition to global attributes and those inherited from singleVal)
value provides a symbolic value for a feature, one of a finite list that may be specified in a feature declaration.
Datatype: CDATA
Values: A string, e.g. feminine.
Default: #REQUIRED
rel indicates the relation of the given value to the actual value.
Datatype: (eq|ne)
Legal values are:
eq indicates that the actual value is that given.
ne indicates that the actual value is not that given.
Default: eq
<sym value="feminine" rel="ne"/>
Module Declared in file teifs2; Additional tag set for feature structures: enabled by TEI.fs
Class singleVal
Data Description Empty tag.
May occur within f fvLib vAlt
<!ELEMENT sym %om.RO; EMPTY> 
<!ATTLIST sym  
      value CDATA #REQUIRED
      rel (eq|ne) "eq">
See further 16.4 Symbolic, Numeric, Measurement, Rate and String Values

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