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<sp> (speech) An individual speech in a performance text, or a passage presented as such in a prose or verse text.
Attributes (In addition to global attributes and those inherited from chunk)
who identifies the speaker of the part by supplying an IDREF value.
Datatype: IDREFS
Values: The values used are derived from the id attribute on the <role> elements in the cast list or from a list of the participants.
Default: #IMPLIED
   <speaker>The reverend Doctor Opimiam</speaker>
   <p>I do not think I have named a single unpresentable fish.</p>
   <speaker>Mr Gryll</speaker>
   <p>Bream, Doctor: there is not much to be said for bream.</p>
   <speaker>The Reverend Doctor Opimiam</speaker>
   <p>On the contrary, sir, I think there is much to be said for him.
In the first place....</p>
   <p>Fish, Miss Gryll &mdash; I could discourse to you on fish by the hour:
but for the present I will forbear...</p>

The who attribute on this element may be used either in addition to the <speaker> element or as an alternative.

Module Declared in file teicore2; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class chunk
Data Description Lines or paragraphs, stage directions, and phrase-level elements.
May contain ab addSpan alt altGrp anchor cb certainty delSpan fLib fs fsLib fvLib fw gap index interp interpGrp join joinGrp l lb lg link linkGrp milestone p pb respons seg span spanGrp speaker stage timeline
May occur within add argument body castList corr div div0 div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7 epigraph epilogue item metDecl note performance prologue q quote set sic stage view
<!ELEMENT sp %om.RO; ((%m.Incl;)*, (speaker, (%m.Incl;)*)?,
                   ((p | l | lg | ab | seg | stage), (%m.Incl;)*)+)>  
<!ATTLIST sp  
      who IDREFS #IMPLIED>
See further 6.11.2 Core Tags for Drama; 6.11 Passages of Verse or Drama; 10.2.2 Speeches and Speakers

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