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The XML Version of the TEI Guidelines


<row> contains one row of a table.
Attributes (In addition to global attributes)
role indicates the kind of information held in the cells of this row.
Datatype: CDATA
Suggested values include:
label labelling or descriptive information only.
data data values.
Default: data

The value specified is the default for all cells in this row.

<row role="data">
   <cell role="label">Classics</cell>
   <cell>Idle listless and unimproving</cell>
Module Declared in file teifig2; Additional tag set for figures, tables and formulae: enabled by TEI.figures
May contain addSpan alt altGrp anchor cb cell certainty delSpan fLib fs fsLib fvLib fw gap index interp interpGrp join joinGrp lb link linkGrp milestone pb respons span spanGrp table timeline
May occur within table
%om.RO; ((cell|table), (%m.Incl;)*)+> 
<!ATTLIST row  
      role CDATA "data">
See further 22.1.1 The TEI Table DTD

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