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<quote> (quotation) contains a phrase or passage attributed by the narrator or author to some agency external to the text.
Attributes Global attributes and those inherited from hqinter
Lexicography has shown little sign of being affected by the
work of followers of J.R. Firth, probably best summarized
in his slogan, <quote>You shall know a word by the company it
   <ref target="fi57">(Firth, 1957)</ref>

If a bibliographic citation is supplied for the source of a quotation, the two may be grouped using the <cit> element.

Module Declared in file teicore2; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class hqinter
May contain #PCDATA ab abbr add addSpan address alt altGrp anchor app bibl biblFull biblStruct c caesura camera caption castList cb certainty cit cl corr damage date dateRange dateStruct del delSpan distinct eTree emph expan fLib figure foreign formula fs fsLib fvLib fw gap geogName gloss graph handShift hi index interp interpGrp join joinGrp l label lang lb lg link linkGrp list listBibl m measure mentioned milestone move name note num oRef oVar orgName orig p pRef pVar pb persName phr placeName ptr q quote ref reg respons restore rs s seg sic soCalled sound sp space span spanGrp stage supplied table tech term text time timeRange timeStruct timeline title tree unclear view w witDetail witList xptr xref
May occur within ab add admin argument body camera caption case castList cell cit colloc corr country damage def descrip dictScrap div div0 div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7 docEdition eg emph entryFree epigraph epilogue etym figDesc foreign form gen gram gramGrp head hi hyph imprimatur item itype l lang lbl lem meeting metDecl mood note number orth otherForm p per performance pos prologue pron q quote rdg ref region rendition seg set sic sound stage stress subc supplied syll tagUsage tech title titlePart tns tr trans unclear usg view wit witDetail witness writing xr xref
<!ELEMENT quote %om.RR; %specialPara;> 
<!ATTLIST quote  
See further 6.3.3 Quotation; 7.3 Groups of Texts

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