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<lg> (line group) contains a group of verse lines functioning as a formal unit, e.g. a stanza, refrain, verse paragraph, etc.
Attributes Global attributes and those inherited from chunk, divn
<lg type="free">
   <l>Let me be my own fool</l>
   <l>of my own making, the sum of it</l>
<lg type="free">
   <l>is equivocal.</l>
   <l>One says of the drunken farmer:</l>
<lg type="free">
   <l>leave him lay off it. And this is</l>
   <l>the explanation.</l>
Module Declared in file teicore2; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class chunk; divn
Data Description contains verse lines or nested line groups only, possibly prefixed by a heading.
May contain addSpan alt altGrp anchor argument byline cb certainty closer dateline delSpan docAuthor docDate epigraph fLib fs fsLib fvLib fw gap head index interp interpGrp join joinGrp l lb lg link linkGrp milestone opener pb respons salute signed span spanGrp timeline trailer
May occur within add argument body castList corr div div0 div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7 epigraph epilogue item lg metDecl note performance prologue q quote set sic sp stage view
<!ELEMENT lg %om.RO; ((%m.divtop; | %m.Incl;)*,
                    (l | lg), (l | lg | %m.Incl;)*,
                    ((%m.divbot;), (%m.Incl;)*)*)> 
<!ATTLIST lg  
See further 6.11.1 Core Tags for Verse; 6.11 Passages of Verse or Drama; 10.2.4 Speech Contents

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