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<group> contains the body of a composite text, grouping together a sequence of distinct texts (or groups of such texts) which are regarded as a unit for some purpose, for example the collected works of an author, a sequence of prose essays, etc.
Attributes Global attributes and those inherited from declaring

Module Declared in file teistr2; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class declaring
May contain addSpan alt altGrp anchor argument byline cb certainty closer dateline delSpan docAuthor docDate epigraph fLib fs fsLib fvLib fw gap group head index interp interpGrp join joinGrp lb link linkGrp milestone opener pb respons salute signed span spanGrp text timeline trailer
May occur within group text
<!ELEMENT group %om.RO; ((%m.divtop; | %m.Incl;)*, ((text | group), 
         (text|group|%m.Incl;)*), ((%m.divbot;), (%m.Incl;)*)*)>  
<!ATTLIST group  
See further 7 Default Text Structure; 7.3 Groups of Texts; 23.1 Varieties of Composite Text

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