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<figDesc> (Description of Figure) contains a brief prose description of the appearance or content of a graphic figure, for use when documenting an image without displaying it.
Attributes Global attributes only


This element is intended for use as an alternative to the content of its parent <figure> element; for example, to display when the image is required but the equipment in use cannot display graphic images. It may also be used for indexing or documentary purposes.

Module Declared in file teifig2; Additional tag set for figures, tables and formulae: enabled by TEI.figures
Data Description May contain character data and phrase-level elements.
May contain #PCDATA abbr add addSpan address alt altGrp anchor app bibl biblFull biblStruct c caesura camera caption castList cb certainty cit cl corr damage date dateRange dateStruct del delSpan distinct emph expan fLib figure foreign formula fs fsLib fvLib fw gap geogName gloss handShift hi index interp interpGrp join joinGrp label lang lb link linkGrp list listBibl m measure mentioned milestone move name note num oRef oVar orgName orig pRef pVar pb persName phr placeName ptr q quote ref reg respons restore rs s seg sic soCalled sound space span spanGrp stage supplied table tech term text time timeRange timeStruct timeline title unclear view w witDetail xptr xref
May occur within figure
<!ELEMENT figDesc %om.RR;  %paraContent;> 
<!ATTLIST figDesc  
See further 22.3 Specific Elements for Graphic Images

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