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<div> (text division) contains a subdivision of the front, body, or back of a text.
Attributes Global attributes and those inherited from declaring, divn
  <div type="part"><head>Fallacies of Authority</head>
    <p>The subject of which is Authority in various shapes, and the
      object, to repress all exercise of the reasoning faculty.</p>
    <div n="1" type="chapter"><head>The Nature of Authority</head>
      <p>With reference to any proposed measures having for their
        object the greatest happiness of the greatest number....</p>
      <div n="1.1" type="section"><head>Analysis of Authority</head>
        <p>What on any given occasion is the legitimate weight or
          influence to be attached to authority ... </p>
      </div><!-- end of section 1.1 -->
      <div n="1.2" type="section">
        <head>Appeal to Authority, in What Cases Fallacious.</head>
        <p>Reference to authority is open to the charge of fallacy
          when... </p>
      </div><!-- end of section 1.2 -->
      <!-- other sections here -->
    </div><!-- end of chapter 1 -->
    <!-- other chapters here -->
  </div><!-- end of part A -->
  <!-- other parts here -->
Module Declared in file teistr2; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class divn; declaring
Data Description any sequence of low-level structural elements, possibly grouped into lower subdivisions.
May contain ab addSpan alt altGrp anchor argument bibl biblFull biblStruct byline camera caption castList cb certainty cit closer dateline delSpan div divGen docAuthor docDate eTree entry entryFree epigraph event fLib figure fs fsLib fvLib fw gap graph head index interp interpGrp join joinGrp kinesic l label lb lg lg1 lg2 lg3 lg4 lg5 link linkGrp list listBibl milestone move note opener p pause pb q quote respons salute shift signed sound sp span spanGrp stage superEntry table tech termEntry timeline trailer tree u view vocal witDetail witList writing
May occur within back body div front
<!ELEMENT div %om.RO; ( (%m.divtop; | %m.Incl; )*, (((div|divGen),  
                    (%m.Incl;)*)+ | ((%component;, (%m.Incl;)*)+,  
                    ((div|divGen), (%m.Incl;)*)*)),
<!ATTLIST div  
See further 7.1 Divisions of the Body; 13.4 Overall Structure of Terminological Documents; 7.1.1 Un-numbered Divisions

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