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seg groups elements used for arbitrary segmentation.
Member of classes metrical, phrase  
Members c cl m phr s seg w

<!ENTITY % x.seg "" >
<!ENTITY % m.seg "%x.seg; %n.c; | %n.cl; | %n.m; | %n.phr; | %n.s; | %n.seg; | 
Attributes (In addition to global attributes and those inherited from metrical, phrase)
type characterizes the type of segment.
Datatype: CDATA
Values: For a <cl> may take values such as finite, nonfinite, declarative, interrogative, relative etc. For a <phr> or <w>, values such as noun, verb, preposition, etc., may be used. For an <m> element, values such as clitic, prefix, stem will be more appropriate. For a <c> element, values such as letter, punctuation, digit may be used.
Default: #IMPLIED
function characterizes the function of the segment.
Datatype: CDATA
Values: For a <cl>, may take values such as coordinate, subject, adverbial etc. For a <phr>, such values as subject, predicate etc. may be more appropriate.
Default: #IMPLIED
part specifies whether or not the segment is fragmented by some other structural element, for example a clause which is divided between two or more sentences.
Datatype: (Y | N | I | M | F)
Legal values are:
Y the segment is incomplete in some respect
N either the segment is complete, or no claim is made as to its completeness
I the initial part of an incomplete segment
M a medial part of an incomplete segment
F the final part of an incomplete segment
Default: N

The values I, M, or F should be used only where it is clear how the segment is to be reconstituted.


The principles on which segmentation is carried out, and any special codes or attribute values used, should be defined explicitly in the <segmentation> element of the <encodingDesc> within the associated TEI header.

Module Declared in file teiclas2.ent; Declared in file teiclas2.ent; Core tag sets: enabled when any TEI base is enabled
Class phrase; metrical
See further 14.3 Blocks, Segments and Anchors; 15.1 Linguistic Segment Categories

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