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Exploitation and future prospects


The primary goal of MULTEXT and MULTEXT-East is to provide the research community with free and widely accessible tools and data. The MULTEXT corpus, all of the corpus annotation and exploitation tools and interfaces will be public and widely distributed. Distribution of the data and software will be through Relator .

An important contribution of MULTEXT is the provision of a standard for corpus-handling software, based on and growing from existing accepted standards and norms as well as a thorough assessment and analysis of requisite tasks and their sub-functionality. Because all software will be developed based on principles of extreme modularity, accessibility and the potential for easy future extension to meet user needs are maximized. The project will make all of its results and working principles and methodology as transparent as possible by publishing full documentation of the software standard and all tools.

Tomaz Erjavec
Mon May 20 13:01:13 MDT 1996