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License agreements

Most of the partners have now obtained written license agreements for their component corpora. However, securing such agreements has been very time consuming and, in some cases, unsuccessful in the first instance. As there isn't much precedence in these matters in Central & Eastern European Countries, this is hardly surprising: ready made license agreements were not available, and publishers were in most cases wary of agreeing to have their data publicly available, fearing potential loss of royalties from e.g. third-part re-prints of their materials. The details of particular license agreements of the component corpora are given in the language sections of the next three chapters and in the headers of the respective corpus components.

Our intention is that the MULTEXT-East corpora be made publicly available. However, this is currently not possible for the full corpus, due to copyright considerations. As the partners are still pursuing copyright agreements, we are hopeful that the situation will change in the future.