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Lexical lists

The specifications presented here have been used in the encoding of the word-form lexica of the project. These lexica contain one entry per line, where an entry has the following form (for a discussion of the lexica themselves see the Multext-East Deliverable D1.2):

word-form $\langle$TAB$\rangle$ lemma $\langle$TAB$\rangle$ morphosyntactic description

This reports describes the morphosyntactic descriptions used in the lexica and, to some extent, the tags developed by the partners (the tags are further discussed in Section 2.5). It should be noted that the tags are not included in the lexica, partly because it is much more compact to provide the mapping between the morphosyntactic information and the tags in separate tables and partly due to the preliminary nature of the tagsets developed. In other words, the lexica with the morphosyntactic descriptions provide a much more mature resource than do the tagsets.