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List of values with respective codes

The values presented within the tables are, in the following, listed in alphabetical order; the first column gives the name of the value, the second column its code and the third lists attributes for which the value is appropriate.

1s2s           2    Definiteness
abessive       5    Case
ablative       b    Case
accusative     a    Case
active         a    Voice
adessive       3    Case
aditive        7    Case
adjectival     a    Syntactic_Type, Type
allative       t    Case
aorist         a    Tense
approx         a    Form
article        a    Type
aspect         a    Type
attributive    a    Referent_Type
auxiliary      a    Type
base           b    VForm
both           b    Form
cardinal       c    Type
causal         o    Type
causalis       c    Case
collect        l    Type
common         c    Type
comparative    c    Degree, Type
compound       c    Formation
conditional    c    VForm
coordinating   c    Type
copula         c    Type
correlat       c    Coord_Type
count          t    Number
dative         d    Case
definite       f    Class, Type
definite1      1    Class
definite2      2    Class
definite34     3    Class
delative       h    Case
demonstrative  d    Class, Type
determinal     m    Type
digit          d    Form
direct         r    Case
distributive   u    Case
dual           d    Number, Owner_Number
elative        e    Case
emphatic       h    Type
essive         w    Case
essive_formal  f    Case
exclamative    e    Type
ex_there       t    Type/P
factive        y    Case
feminine       f    Gender, Owner_Gender
first          1    Owner_Person, Person
fractal        f    Type
full_art       f    Definiteness
future         f    Tense, Type
general        g    Type
genitive       g    Case
gerund         g    VForm
illative       x    Case
imperative     m    VForm
imperfect      i    Tense
indefinite     i    Class, Type
indicative     i    VForm
inessive       2    Case
infinitive     n    Type, VForm
initial        i    Coord_Type
instrumental   i    Case
int_rel        w    Type
interrogative  q    Class, Type
komitative     k    Case
letter         l    Form
locative       l    Case
main           m    Type
masculine      m    Gender, Owner_Gender
modal          o    Type
modifier       m    Type
mood           m    Type
multiple       m    Type
multiplicative 6    Case
negative       z    Sub_Type, Type
neuter         n    Gender, Owner_Gender
no             n    Animate, Clitic, Clitic_s, Definiteness, Negative
nominal        n    Formation, Syntactic_Type
nominative     n    Case
non-initial    n    Coord_Type
oblique        o    Case
ordinal        o    Type
other          o    Type
participle     p    VForm
particle       p    Type
partitive      1    Case
passive        p    Voice
past           s    Tense
personal       p    Referent_Type, Type
pluperfect     l    Tense
plural         p    Number, Owned_Number, Owner_Number
positive       p    Degree, Sub_Type
possessive     s    Referent_Type, Type
postnomin      o    Modific_Type
postposition   t    Type
prenomin       e    Modific_Type
preposition    p    Type
present        p    Tense
proper         p    Type
qualificative  f    Type
quantitative   q    Referent_Type
question       q    Wh_Type
quotative      q    VForm
reciprocal     y    Type
reflexive      x    Type
relative       r    Class, Type, Wh_Type
repetit        r    Coord_Type
roman          r    Form
second         2    Owner_Person, Person
sentence       p    Coord_Type
short_art      s    Definiteness
simple         s    Coord_Type, Formation
singular       s    Number, Owned_Number, Owner_Number
sociative      q    Case
special        s    Type/M
specifier      s    Type/R
strong         s    Pronoun_Form
subjunctive    s    Type, VForm
sublative      s    Case
subordinating  s    Type
superessive    p    Case
superlative    s    Degree
supine         u    VForm
temporalis     m    Case
terminative    9    Case
third          3    Owner_Person, Person
transgressive  t    VForm
translative    4    Case
verbal         v    Type
vocative       v    Case
weak           w    Pronoun_Form
words          w    Coord_Type
yes            y    Animate, Clitic, Clitic_s, Definiteness, Negative