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Table of categories

=============== ====
Part-of-Speech  Code
=============== ====
Noun             N
Verb             V
Adjective        A
Pronoun          P
Determiner       D
Article          T
Adverb           R
Adposition       S
Conjunction      C
Numeral          M
Interjection     I
Residual         X
Abbreviation     Y
Particle         Q
=============== ====

Each category acts a type, i.e. it introduces attributes and their values. The equivalence of a particular attribute-value at a particular position in a morpho-syntactic description is thus defined only with respect to a given category. The attributes and the values pertinent to the above categories are presented in the next section.

After the section devoted to the tables, another section presents all the values listed in alphabetical order and provides the respective codes. A further section contains the list of the attributes, providing the information of the category/categories in which they are used, and for some of them, a very synthetic definition of their semantics.