This document is a HTML 3.2 rendering of a Corpus Encoding Specification DTD document, produced in the scope of the MULTEXT-East project, by Fred.

Multext-East CES1: Speech Corpus, English


Last week my friend had to go to the doctors to have some injections. She is going to the Far East for a holiday and she needs to have an injection against cholera, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, polio and tetanus. I think she will feel quite ill after all those. She is going to get them all done at once, at one session. I shan't feel sorry for her though!


I have a problem with my water softener. The water-level is too high and the overflow keeps dripping. Could you arrange to send an engineer on Tuesday morning please? It's the only day I can manage this week. I'd be grateful if you could confirm the arrangement in writing.


Please put me through to the complaints department. The repair to the water main outside my house was unsuccessful, and my cellar's flooded. Your Water Services Department was singularly unsympathetic. All their repair teams are apparently booked out for the next two weeks. Am I supposed to use the cellar as a swimming pool till then?


Municipal Fire Service speaking. We're trying to locate an emergency caller who rang off without giving any personal details. He appeared to be on the local network. He connected on our line number 762 584. We'd appreciate immediate attempts to trace him because he sounded desperate.


Please take a request for an early-morning taxi. Mr Spencer of Chestnut Drive wishes to be at Heathrow terminal 4 by 6.15 a.m. His flight's not leaving till 7.50 but he has to arrange for excess baggage. Mark it as top priority and ensure punctuality. He expects you at 6.15 sharp.


The New Zealand rugby team is called the All Blacks. They all seem to be very tall and wide. They played against Ireland on Saturday, and although the Irish played very well, they lost 23-6. There was no fighting, and although the All Blacks kept dropping the ball, and missing their goal kicks, and had two tries disallowed, I think it was a very good game goal.


I'm trying to contact Mr and Mrs W. George of Swindon. They've moved from 63 Spruce Close to another part of Swindon. Can you give me their new number please? They moved approximately 3 months ago. As far as I know they're not ex-directory.


Could you please tell me the best connections to Sheffield from East Grinstead? I need to arrive by 10.30 a.m. on Saturday. If I have to leave before 7 o'clock I shall need a train with a buffet car. I understand that British Rail provides a secretarial service on some main lines. Do you take reservations by telephone?


Please connect me to the service department. My television has been out of action for almost three weeks now, and I need to know when it will be repaired. You collected it on the 13th and promised to return within a week. I realise you're having supply problems, but this is rather excessive. Can you give me a firm date now?


Can you give me a list of the restaurants in the neighbourhood? I live in Clancy Street, NW1. I'm interested in something a little more exotic than usual. Perhaps a Polynesian place, for example. I'd prefer it not to be vegetarian.