MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

2.1. Languages

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This section details the languages currently covered by the specifications. The first column defines the cannonical ordering of the languages. In the current specification they are grouped together by language family. The codes follow ISO 639 two-letter codes for languages. For each language we note which language family it belongs to and the link the the respective entry in the Ethnologue database.

Table 1. Languages covered by the specification
P Code Name Family Links
1 en English Germanic Ethnologue
2 ro Romanian Romance Ethnologue
3 pl Polish West Slavic Ethnologue
4 cs Czech West Slavic Ethnologue
5 sk Slovak West Slavic Ethnologue
6 sl Slovene South West Slavic Ethnologue
7 sl-rozaj Resian dialect of Slovene IANA
8 hr Croatian South West Slavic Ethnologue
8 sr Serbian South West Slavic Ethnologue
10 ru Russian East Slavic Ethnologue
11 uk Ukrainian East Slavic Ethnologue
12 mk Macedonian South East Slavic Ethnologue
13 bg Bulgarian South East Slavic Ethnologue
14 fa Persian Indo-Iranian Ethnologue
15 et Estonian Finno-Ugric Ethnologue
16 hu Hungarian Finno-Ugric Ethnologue

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Date: 2010-05-12
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