MULTEXT-East Morphosyntactic Specifications, Version 4

2.3. Attributes and values

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The common MULTEXT-East tables of attribute values are given for all categories above and have a rigid structure, which makes them suitable for automatically verifying the conformance of a particular morphosyntactic description with the tables, or for expanding a morphosyntactic description into its more verbose form.

This formal part is given as a table, having the following columns:
  1. Position gives the position of the attribute in the string of the morphosyntactic description;
  2. Attribute gives the name of the attribute;
  3. Value gives the name and one-letter code of the attribute-value;
  4. a column for each of the languages. For easier comparison between them they have been grouped by language family: first English as the 'hub' language, then Romance (Romanian), followed by Slavic (Slovene, Czech, Bulgarian), and finaly Finno-Ungric (Estonian, Hungarian). Croatian, Serbian and Resian have been added later, and not yet properly grouped.

The language columns define (by marking with 'x'), in the first line, whether the category is used by the language, and in subsequent lines, which attribute-values a particular language uses.

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Date: 2010-05-12
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